Professional Carpentry Services in St. Louis

From beautiful, sturdy doors and cabinets to frames that form the skeleton of your future home, Brad Brown Construction And Design is a highly talented carpentry company serving the St. Louis area.

We specialize in creating superior quality works out of wood. As certified carpenters, we are able to perform a wide range of services, spanning everything from wood floor installation and maintenance to cabinet construction. By crafting sturdy, elegant structures out of wood, we help home and business owners across town elevate the look of their buildings.

Skilled Local Carpenters

At Brad Brown Construction And Design, we understand we aren’t the only carpentry company in town, and that’s why we work hard for our clients. A good carpentry company shouldn’t have to fight to keep clients—they should want to stay because of the high quality of service. After you work with us one time, you won’t be surprised to learn that many of our clients have been with us from day one!

What to Look For in a Carpenter

With more and more people offering their services as carpenters, it can be hard to distinguish those who are actually competent from those who aren’t. There are several essential things to look out for when trying to decide which company to work with on your next carpentry project.


References are one of the clearest indicators of whether or not a company is worth your time.

A Strong Portfolio

Examples of past work are a good way to tell if a company has the experience and skills necessary to deliver work that is up to standard.

Proper Certification

Becoming a carpenter is a process that involves becoming certified and licensed. Having this certification means the company can work safely, and that it takes its commitments seriously.


Nothing’s worse than a project that is only half finished months later, because the carpenter is unreliable. Always choose a company that you can count on!

Brad Brown Construction And Design: Qualified to Help

While it may seem like there’s a lot to look for when searching for the right carpentry company, it’s actually quite simple. Brad Brown Construction And Design fits the description of a qualified company to a T. We have years of experience, strong references that support our dedication to quality work, and our entire team is fully licensed and bonded.

Whether you already have a clear sense of what your project will look like, or you need a bit of help hammering out the specifics, we would be happy to help. We pride ourselves on having a keen eye for design, and can draw up plans for projects of all sizes.

Contact Us Today

If you’re in the midst of planning a project that could use a carpenter, we encourage you to get in touch with us. With extensive experience providing both home and business owners across town with carpentry work that lasts a lifetime, we are a sure bet for superior quality products.

To set up an appointment to go over the specifics of your project, or to receive a free, no obligation quote, give us a call today.